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Welcome to the website of 3rd Gold Coast Boys’ Brigade. You may be asking yourself
why Boys’ Brigade, what is Boys’ Brigade all about and how is it different to other groups.
The ministry of Boy’ Brigade is about transforming Boys into Christian men.


Boys’ Brigade partners with churches with a new relevant today program style and resources.
Boys’ Brigade engages boys and young men by engaging and motivating boys with fun,
adventure, skills and social interaction in a proven, structured learning system. It also engages
boys with an awards based scheme that challenges, rewards, encourages and promotes all boys regardless of their background or skills for their well earned efforts.

Boys’ Brigade offers both a traditional or contemporary style uniform. At 3rd Gold Coast we wear the traditional uniform. This is designed to develop a sense of group identity and pride, it also teaches boys to have pride in themselves and their appearance. The Company is broken up into three sub-groups called sections. These are Anchors (5-7 years old), Juniors (8-11 years old)
and Seniors (12-18 years old). Boys participate in age – appropriate activities that aim to develop boys physically, this includes team and individual sport, drill and figure marching, expeditions and learning about healthy living. Boys have the opportunity to stretch their mind through learning about the world they live in, Boys’ Brigade itself and the environment they live in. Boys have the chance to discover a God who loves them and to learn about the bible and the Christian life.

Boys are encouraged to be active members of their local and global communities through
engaging in community service projects, learning about the needs of others, how society works
and how they can be an active part of it. Boys explore their creative talents through developing
new skills and hobbies, giving them opportunities to discover and express their own creativities.
Throughout their Boys’ Brigade journey, achievement across these areas is recognised by attaining various badges and special awards as outlined in the Award Scheme.


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